Bankruptcy Myth 1

View this post on Instagram You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed if you cannot pay your bills. Life is filled with many unexpected events such as illness, unemployment and divorce. Needing help does not make you a failure. #tfieldlaw A post shared by Tracy R. Field (@tfieldlaw) on Jan 22, 2020 at 11:35am EST

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Overspending and Going Broke? A Lesson From Tiffany Haddish

Going broke from overspending? In her own way Tiffany Haddish shares an important financial lesson. Ms. Haddish wore a lovely $4000 white Alexander McQueen dress on stage at this year’s Academy Awards. For many, this a not a particularly interesting fact. However, Haddish’s dress and the fact she’s worn it now for the third time to a public event is almost unheard of in the world of celebrities. Most celebrities wear an outfit to a public event once, and it’s never seen again. Is this actually newsworthy? For [...]

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