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What Is A Will?


What is a Will? The term 'estate planning' often brings to mind the concept of a Last Will and Testament, also known as a Will. A Will is often a fundamental component in estate planning. Therefore it's crucial to understand the essence of a Will. Last Will and Testament A Will comes into play when you are no longer here. It outlines how your estate should be distributed after you pass away. If prepared correctly, it should also nominate an executor. This person will administer your estate according [...]

What Is A Will?2023-08-11T17:29:38-04:00

The Importance of a Durable Power of Attorney in Estate Planning


Estate planning is often misunderstood. Some people think it's only for the wealthy or older individuals, but that's not true. Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of age or financial situation. Did you know that most of the estate planning documents we create are meant to be used during your lifetime? One of the most crucial documents is the Durable Power of Attorney. By creating a Durable Power of Attorney, you can choose someone to handle your legal and financial matters on your behalf. This power goes [...]

The Importance of a Durable Power of Attorney in Estate Planning2023-08-11T17:27:34-04:00

5 Essential Elements of a Basic Estate Plan


A basic estate plan is more than a Last Will and Testament. It involves several indispensable planning tools to assist with distributing your assets when you are no longer here, as well as tools that can be helpful in the event of incapacity. Here's a breakdown of these fundamental components: Last Will & Testament: This planning tool outlines your wishes about the distribution of your assets upon your death. It involves the appointment of an Executor, a trusted individual who will administer your estate per your wishes. If [...]

5 Essential Elements of a Basic Estate Plan2023-10-20T08:10:42-04:00
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